LESSON FEE PRICING- As of February 2022, lesson fee price is 90.00 per month per student, payable by monthly installment only (no weekly payments are permitted).Cash or check is acceptable (no credit cards at this time). No partial payments are allowed unless negotiated and agreed upon.

ATTENDANCE- Your payment/my acceptance guarantees my availability for the agreed time slot.

ABSENCES- In the event of MY absence, a makeup time can be arranged at your convenience. In the event of YOUR absence, the lesson is forfeited unless I receive minimum 24 hour notice. Lesson fees may not be pro-rated due to YOUR absence. I may opt to pro-rate lesson fees in lieu of makeup as a result of MY absence, though.

MAKEUP LESSONS- Are not guaranteed, as I have many students and a tight schedule. I do them in the form of Email lessons (recorded material with PDF tab sheet/notation), which many prefer. I may also do a personal makeup at our mutual convenience, but makeup is, again, not guaranteed unless I miss the lesson. I offer no guaranteed makeup time for vacations and similar activities, as those are opted-out by the student/parent. I, too, only have so many days in a week :)

PRACTICE- Is to be 15-30 minutes daily, according to the level of the student. It is a habit, and a lifestyle to musicians. Also, once you begin improving, it becomes FUN and you WANT to play. That's the idea, right?

MATERIALS/RESOURCES- I do custom transcription in TAB or notation. I try to use material that you like (I DO take requests). I can also help you use any particular book you may prefer as lesson material.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR MAJOR HOLIDAYS- I ask during major holidays that Email Makeup Lessons be acceptable, as there are insurmountable scheduling difficulties during those times. 5TH MON-FRI.- When the calendar has 5 of any weekday in it, expect to be off for one of those (4 lessons per month). I will make every attempt to give at least a week's notice when I will be taking that day off.

CONTACTING ME- BY PHONE-865-679-2196,  BY TEXT-SAME,  BY EMAIL- I tend to answer texts promptly, phone calls within 24 hours.