Music Lesson FAQs:

What form of written media is used for lessons?
   Tablature or standard notation is offered. Ear training is emphasized and strongly encouraged.

Can lessons be paid for by the week?
    No. Lessons are paid for a month in advance.

Will Roscoe do occasional single lessons?
    Absolutely. Half-hour rate is 25.00, and hourly rate is 45.00 for occasional meetings.

What is a lesson experience like?
    You will be asked what you like to listen to, what you hope to be able to learn to play, what you are presently listening to, and we'll try our best to share music with you with that in mind. There will be review, and theory lessons, along with "how did they do it?", where we look at a specifically requested phrase, solo, chord sequence. Maybe Monroe-style licks on mandolin, maybe Eddie Van Halen tapping. Final lesson of the teaching month is an optional "jam lesson", where we try to use as much of the 30 minutes applying what we learned...playing real, interactive music together.

What do I bring?
   Pick (or picks),payment, instrument, and your IPhone/Android device (we will use it to record video and audio). Your lessons are recorded for you in MP3 format, and you take the recordings home immediately as you depart the lesson.  Please note that lessons are only 30 minutes unless otherwise arranged, so time and quick transfer are of the essence.

Can I hire Roscoe to do custom tablature work/transcribing without retaining him for lessons?
Yes. Transcription rates start at $10.00 per page for custom work, $35.00 per hour for more intricate work.

Performance FAQs:

Can I hire Roscoe to perform at my wedding, get-togethers or other function that is not necessarily a "concert"?
   Yes. Please send your info and specific plans to

How do I schedule Roscoe for a solo church performance?
   Contact us at

What is the fee for church solo performances?
    Churches are expected to compensate via "love offering" or honorarium + travel expenses if applicable.
    There is no set "fee" for church work, as we believe that is contradictory to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is the fee for Bluegrass performances?
  Bluegrass band rates begin at $1000.00 for local, one day (50 mile radius) work, $1200.00 if we are providing sound equipment. This is the rate for a 4 piece band. Fee is adjustable downward for duo or trio, upward for 5 piece.

Can I hire Roscoe to assist with production of my recording session and/or CD?

Can I record Roscoe's songs?
  Again, certainly! We require that you credit the writer properly on your project (Roscoe Morgan Music BMI). If you're recording for profit, royalties per BMI guidelines are required at the per CD rate, pre-release. This is standard procedure for the entire business of music at present.